Amos Tori — Purple People

Song Title: Purple People
By: Tori Amos

Intro - Bbm

Bbm Ebm/Gb F
Well, hey do you do judo when they surround you
A little mental yoga will they disappear?
It's grim but never dubious as motives go
one thing she always promise promise is a show

Ebm7/Db Gb/Ab Ab Db
Thunder wishes it could be the snow
Adim7 Bbm Ebm F
Wishes it could be as loved as she can be
Bbm Gb Ebm Gb Ab
These gifts are here, for her , for you, for me..

Bbm Ebm/Gb F
I watch me be this other thing I never know
if i'm marooned or where the purple people go
the lily white matricide from vicious words
it doesn't leave a scratch so therefore, no one's hurt

Ab Ab7 Db Bbm
And on and on, the nurses make it clear
Ebm Gb Ebm Ab
just when you escape, you have yourself to fear
Ab Ab7 Db Bbm
a restaurant that never has to close
Gb F Ebm F
breakfast at every hour, it could save the world...

Bbm Ebm/Gb F
SO hey do you do judo in your finery
An angel's face is tricky to wear constantly